Forgiveness must be conditioned on confession and repentance

Peggy Noonan writes with grace and elegance about many things, and her recent essay in the Wall Street Journal shows that she can appreciate virtue in political opponents. But in this instance, where she effusively praises Ted Kennedy, she’s gone a bridge too far.

Noonan’s enthralled with the White Whale’s endorsement of Obama, which might have been about nothing more than the Kennedy clan backing the one they believe has the best chance at winning. If you’re a conservative, prepare to gag:

Liberals are rarely interested in pointing out, and conservatives by and large may not know, but everyone who knows Teddy Kennedy knows that he holds a deep love for his country, that he feels a reverence for the presidency and a desire that America be represented with grace abroad and stature at home.

That’s nice. It is too bad that Teddy Kennedy has been one of the best champions ever for abortion up to and including killing children that would be viable outside the womb. And then there is Teddy’s original sin, as it were — the killing of Mary Jo Kopechne, just as surely as if he had gut-knifed her.

Those are the Kennedys. Peggy, I wish you would remember your Catholic catechism: forgiveness must start with confession and repentance on the part of the sinner. This has so far been absent from this moral wreck of a man. Yes, we are all sinners; no exceptions, and shouldn’t cast stones. On the other hand, I don’t believe that Jesus would have us turn a blind eye to the sin of infanticide, not to mention manslaughter in the case of Mary Jo Kopechne.

Judgment will be the Lord’s, at the end. In the here and now, we should not have to take lessons in patriotism or other things from one so immersed in sin as is Teddy Kennedy.


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  1. Great sermon John! Preach on!!

    Grace and Peace to you!


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