God’s love?

If you google “tornado baptist church,” you’ll come up with dozens of instances where tornadoes have hit Baptist, and other, houses of God. What gives? Divine punishment for insufficient prayer? It’s the sort of thing that atheists, and even believers, can point to as evidence that God does not truly love us. At least some of us.

It gives me pause, as well. The recent tornadoes that hit the South, killing about 60: were they the act of a vengeful God, or were they a sign that we are all sinners? And, if God were going to go about punishing certain folks, and sparing others, why wouldn’t he first have his tornadoes flatten casinos and, perhaps, the homes of atheists?

The answer, as best I can fathom, is that we should never forget that a church building is just that: a thing, with no more intrinsically holy virtue than the corner liquor store. What makes a church holy is the presence of Christ whenever his flock are gathered therein. And we should never, ever, assume that just because we attend church services, we become holy servants of the One who walked among us.

Church is a hospital for sinners, not a shrine for saints. Keep that in mind; pray for those who have been hit. Pray that this adversity will bring them closer to understanding Christ on the cross. That is love, my brothers and sisters.

If you wanted a life of comfort and convenience, you picked the wrong Savior…


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