Willful blindness

Here’s more of that audacious hope for change. Or, perhaps it is hoping for audacious change. We have a featured article in the Washington Post that tells us, in so many words, that evangelicals may have a home in the Democratic Party. The title: “How Would Jesus Vote?
I’m an Evangelical — and a Liberal. Really.”

Really really. And circles can be square, if we just wish hard enough. The writer writes many, many words, but it comes down to having to make a compromise between our understanding of Scripture, and the needs of the secular world. Much is also made of the ground that is shared by evangelicals and liberals, such as being good stewards of the earth.

No argument there; there are certainly things like the so-called social Gospel that requires Christians to help those least able to help themselves. But to self-identify as a “liberal” in this year of our Lord 2008 requires that one first be faithful to Scripture. And here is where the writer, hoping for audacious change, comes crashing against the command that we must not conform to this world (Romans 12:2).

The most telling admission from the article:

Most of these youthful evangelicals are still antiabortion, and many still oppose gay rights. But their priorities no longer stop with those two issues. And it is in large part because of changes in the Democratic approach to abortion that more moderate evangelicals are willing to give the party a chance.

One may think that you may join in secular politics with those who accept nothing less than abortion on demand, including partial-birth abortions. But no Bible-believing Christian should ever go along with such a platform. We are instructed by God to choose life.  And know this, Christians: this is the Democratic holy writ. Join them at the peril of your very souls.


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