“a fool’s bargain”

Some words from Phil Lawler’s new book, The Faithful Departed (via Rod Dreher’s Crunchy Con):

The bishops made a fool’s bargain. They were prepared to sacrifice the essential elements of the Catholic faith: the moral teaching, the clerical discipline, even the loving care for the faithful. In return, they hoped to prop up the prestige of the institutional Church.

The bishops were not just “prepared” to sacrifice. That’s exactly what they did, sacrificing justice and charity to their flock on the altar of the church. They upheld their own pride of office against the claims of abuse victims.

Not all claims are valid, but enough are. And the biggest failure is not individual pedophiles, it is an institution of God that did not put its flock ahead of itself.

And, as an after-note, I am sick and tired of hearing that priests have about the same proportion of pedophiles as the general population (even assuming that this is true). Are not those who claim to be God’s intercessors here on earth to be held to a higher standard?


  1. I believe it was this same self-serving interest, at the expense of the beloved, that was the basis of the atrocious behavior in the Holy Roman Empire that anti-Christians continue to bring up today…e.g., the Crusades, the Inquisition, etc.

    Go along with anything, as long as I can maintain my power and prestige.

  2. Yes, the Catholic Church sacrificed their flock to protect their system/institution. But there is a major misconception about just what the problem is. If one looks at the age/gender of the victims in sex abuse scandal one finds that over 80% were male with the male victims tending to be older than the female victims. The overwhelming number of victims were over the age of eleven (about 78%) with 40% being in the age group 11-14. Pedophilia is the primary or exclusive sexual attraction of an adult to PREPUBESCENT children. While undoubtedly there are some pedophile priests, these stats reveal that the Catholic Church has a much larger HOMOSEXUAL priest problem. The small number of female victims also rules out that this problem is a result of the requirement for priests to remain unmarried.

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