I was first Roman Catholic before I was a Protestant. But please don’t take any criticisms I may aim at the Roman Church to be in any way, shape, or form, my trying to get some sort of revenge.

No; not revenge. In many ways, deep down, I remain Catholic, even though I no longer attend Mass. I suspect that the Church would welcome me back, and with open arms. Probably never even mention my wanderings in the Reformation wilderness.

And it is only out of my love for the church, and for the pope(s), that I criticize. Properly, in my view, for violating their roots, and for the simplicity of the Mass, instituted by our Lord, that they’ve allowed the accretions of centuries of non-essential tradition to make it a man-made thing, not a visit with our Lord.

The power and the beauty of the Mass is unequaled, and, who knows, someday I may swallow my Calvinist pride and return. Regardless, Roman Catholics remain my brothers in Christ. As do all you pesky Baptist, Presbyterians, Orthodox, Copts, Anglicans, the list is long, and glorious.


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