Elder Brothers

Pope John Paul II referred to the Jews as his “elder brothers.” The important theological point, lost on so many generations of allegedly Christian people, is that God’s covenant with the Jews has not been broken. There is a new covenant, made through His son, Jesus Christ. Who, himself, was part of the old covenant.

How this will all work out in the end is hinted at in Revelation. But only hinted at, and, well, I guess when that time of the Lord’s return is at hand, we will finally know. Until then, it is wisest to adhere to the pope’s wisdom in this matter. Wisdom I believe shared by a goodly many of my Protestant brothers and sisters.

On the subject of Jewish-Catholic relations, this recent column by Ed Koch is worth reading. Mayor Koch makes the comparison between the Torah procession that is a normal part of the Jewish Sabbath service, and Holy Communion.

As well he should: Jesus Christ is embodied in the wafer and the wine; Jesus Christ, the Word made Flesh, simply is Torah.

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