We are all one

A commenter on my post “Other sheep have I?” noted, correctly, that it’s not a good thing to call people names. And that we should, rather, refute any false gospel. He’s right, to a point. It is most important to cite what we believe, and ground it in Scripture.

But we must also not shy from calling someone what he demonstrably is. It’s called “know thy enemy.” Jeremiah Wright, because he is a wolf among the sheep, preaching in the name of some “black Jesus,” is an enemy of the true Gospel of total inclusion.

Jesus did not make his ministry “black” or “white” or any color. He made a decision for all, and opened his arms to all. Even the despised Samaritans, a lesson in charity for all time. A lesson which ethnocentric preachers like Wright have turned their backs to.

Racists, like Wright, build walls between groups. Jesus, by his very being, tears those wall down, and invites all to join his flock. Wright and others like him would have us believe there are inherent, God-given differences between us in the eyes of the Son of God.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Brothers and sisters, it is blasphemy to divide the flock on the basis of externals like skin color. We have differences on the outside. On the inside, we are all one in Christ Jesus.


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  1. Here we go. The “nice, mature, civilized Christians” have shown up to chastise us all as though the topic at hand were some playground dust-up characterized by childish name calling by the participants. The situation we are discussing is not as Wright would make it seem. This is ultimately not about black preaching styles or even black church experience. This is about words which have meaning and ideas which have consequences. The time for politeness is over. Since Black Liberation Theology is a race based variation of Liberation Theology which is just baptized Marxism, and given the record of human death and suffering caused by the proponents of Marxism in the last century, it is imperative for Christians to stand up against those who attempt to put a Christian face on this heresy.

    Do the math. What does it mean when Cone talks about the power of black people to “destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal.”?

    “The Christian cannot decide between good and evil, Cone says, but only between greater or lesser evils. Therefore, he must compare revolutionary violence with the evils of the dominant system to determine which is worse. ‘But if the system is evil, then revolutionary violence is both justified and necessary.'”(James Cone, “Black Theology and Black Power, quoted in Paul Johnson, “Enemies of Society,” p. 245)

    Martin Luther observed that the tendency of all heretical movements was toward murder.

    Do Cone and Wright scare you? They are just some of the “nice” liberation theologians. Here is some of what Jose Miranda, a Mexican university professor and author of “Communism in the Bible” has to say.
    “It is time to drop all these side issues and concentrate on the fundamental fact: the Bible teaches communism.” (pp.6f)
    “Communism is obligatory for Christians” (p.8)
    “The Ananias episode…means: pain of death for whoever betrays communism, Christianity’s indispensable condition.” (p.11)
    “No one can take the Bible seriously without concluding that according to it, the rich, for being rich, should be punished.” (p.24)
    “All differentiating wealth is ill-gotten…therefore to be rich is to be unjust.” (p.32)
    Miranda then takes this “theology” to its logical conclusion by invoking biblical commands for capital punishment as justification for the mass execution of the “wealthy.” (The above quoted in David Childers, “Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt Manipulators,” p.285-286)

    Don’t call names, indeed! So I guess I’m not mature, or civilized or nice. Tell me which one of the Old Testament prophets is the standard for “being civilized, mature or nice”? (Please do not say I am setting myself up as a prophet, because I am not!) Not being nice has become one of the biggest, politically correct no-no’s of this insane age. If anything, calling Wright a racist is being polite.

    What do readers think will be the logical conclusion or consequence of the heresy called black liberation theology if it gains popularity in the black community given Luther’s observation? BLT is “theology” designed to serve a modern political end, namely anti-God state Marxism with all its attendant horrors.

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