Hard to love

Ted Kennedy has what appears to be a grave illness; a malignant brain tumor. The normal response for any public figure, especially one of such longevity as Kennedy, is, “let us pray for him.”

Pray, that is, that the senator makes a full recovery, or, failing that, that he will be given the grace, by God, to seek a peaceful end, and that he will be given the strength to face the end with dignity.

That said, I would add this prayer: that he repent of his sins against the unborn millions killed by abortion. Killed with the full and willing, and knowing consent of politicians such as Ted Kennedy, who would rather gain office than follow his church’s doctrine that all life is precious.

All life, even humans yet to be born. Even a wretch such as Ted Kennedy. May he see the light; may God help him to repent, and be forgiven.

God hates sin; but loves the sinner. This is the mantra, repeated ad nauseum in liberal churches. “Jesus is all inclusive” we might hear; “Jesus forgives all.” True enough, but missing is the absolutely required statement of turning away from one’s sins.

God hates sin; he also hates those who must know they are sinning, but refuse to turn away from their sins. Those who continue knowingly in sin are, in effect, turning away from God. It’s hard to believe that a man in public life, and a public Catholic, does not know he is in sin when he takes the positions he has taken for over 40 years.


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  1. JBDay · · Reply

    And let us not forget the young girl, Mary Jo Kopechne, who Kennedy left to drown in his car after driving off that Martha’s Vineyard bridge in a drunken stupor. Don’t forget his successful cover up of his criminal liability for that dastardly act by virtue of his accident of birth into an immensely wealthy and influential family. Let’s also not forget his complicity in the abandonment of millions of Southeast Asians to death, forced labor and “reeducation camps” by his efforts to bring about a precipitous withdrawal of our military support for our ally, South Vietnam, thereby helping negate the ultimate sacrifice of almost 60,000 of his fellow countrymen who had given their lives to protect and preserve our freedoms. Let’s not forget his treason and betrayal of his own country when he communicated/collaborated with Soviet Union leaders to undermine his country’s foreign policy and defense efforts in the 1980s for partisan political motives. One can hope and pray for Kennedy’s repentance of his manifold sins. His sins are especially grievous because of his position in society as a leader and magistrate (government authority). However, with that much blood and betrayal on his hands it is a safe wager that Kennedy long ago crossed over into that hopeless spiritual condition known as a reprobate mind. Matthew 7:16-20.

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