Bad pastor, bad pastor! Go to your room!

Another bad pastor: Rev. Rod Parsley, disavowed by John McCain. No, McCain was not in Rev. Parsley’s church; no, Parsley was not McCain’s inspiration, didn’t marry him, didn’t baptize his children.  But the bad pastor did make the mistake of endorsing McCain.

Democrats and their enablers in the mainstream media will latch on to almost anything to defuse the Jeremiah Wright business.  Hence the flap over the fact that Parsley stood with McCain in Ohio and voiced his support in 2008.

So, what did Rev. Parsley say that was so heinous? Via ABC News:

Parsley has called Islam “the mouthpiece of a conspiracy of spiritual evil,” and that Islam is an “anti-Christ religion that intends through violence to conquer the world.”

How very politically incorrect.  Do you suppose it might be true?  Rev. Parsley has also called on Christians to wage “war” on Islam as a false faith.  Gasp!  Why, he wants a new Crusade!  Bap, bad pastor!

But, sorry (not, actually; that’s what you say when you’re not really sorry).   Works for me. As a Christian, I’ve got to believe that Islam is false. As are all other faiths, except for Christianity. As for waging “war” on Islam, the usual name for this is “self defense.”   But I don’t think anybody is wanting us to wage war on more than a billion Muslims.  Despite what the dhimmi crowd may claim.

Islam has been on the attack from day one in the seventh century in the deserts of Arabia. The West remained the West only because it fought back, and prevailed at the Gates of Vienna in the 17th century.

And, yes, Islam is precisely an “anti-Christ religion.” Insofar as Islam specifically denies the divinity of Jesus of Nazareth, and that he rose from the dead to join God in heaven. You don’t need to believe this; but if you call yourself Christian, you kinda sorta oughta.

What happened to tolerance for others’ beliefs? I’d be tolerant all day long if it wasn’t Islam’s goal to convert us all. Or kill us in the attempt. Hey, people, the first meaning of “jihad” is struggle, as in armed struggle. Events of the past 1400 or so years have demonstrated this. And they continue to demonstrate it to this very day.


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