The Sluggin’ Osteens

This is being reported in some circles with more than a little schadenfreude. Here’s the co-pastor of a mega-church, and, irony of ironies, one whose husband is perhaps the most prominent pastor of the “God loves gold” school of our faith.

In a she-said, she-said incident, Victoria Osteen, wife of the get-rich gospel king Joel Osteen, was accused of all sorts of heinous behavior on a recent flight. The details are here, and it seems Joel has come forward and testified that it just ain’t so.

It being pushing, shoving, abuse, and who knows what-all. Victoria Osteen is a nice-looking, if plastic-looking lady. But then Joel grins so much it’s hard to know that he might know something about preaching Christ, and him crucified.

There’s no pain in the Osteens’ universe, except that inflicted on those who might watch his show looking for the true Gospel. No pain; just rewards for those who love Jesus and follow God’s will. Uh-huh. Would that it were so, but we have had our false prophets, and doubtless such will be with us always.

The allegedly aggrieved party, flight attendant Sharon Brown, has made all sorts of claims. And, from the AP story here’s what she wants:

Brown wants an apology and punitive damages amounting to 10 percent of Victoria Osteen’s net worth as part of her lawsuit. Brown claims she suffers from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder because of the incident and that her faith has been affected. She is also suing for counseling expenses.

Wow. “Her faith has been affected.” Poor thing. How weak that faith must have been. The Holocaust, genocide in Rwanda and Darfur, 9/11, beheading of innocent Jews and Christians by Muslims, none of the has shaken Brown’s faith. An alleged push and some harsh words from Victoria did the trick it seems.

At this point, your humble writer realized that there are no good sides in this story. Would that they might both lose.



  1. John Luke: You might want to enable Askimet on your blog (see link). Looks like Pat is roaming the universe.

  2. Thanks. Akismet had already activated; Pat got through nonetheless.

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