the least of my brothers

The forum last Saturday at Camelback was useful for those of us who value life.   Also for others, of course, but especially because it illustrated the chasm that separates John McCain and Barack Obama.

Specifics?  When asked about when a baby acquires “human rights,”  McCain, said, accurately in my view, “at conception.”   Obama, responding the the question, mumbled that the question was “above his pay grade.”   Sorry, people.   That’s the answer of the moral relativist, the one who can’t tell right from wrong.

He could have said, “I don’t know, but I would err on the side of protecting unborn life.”  He could have, except it would have been a lie.   Obama is an abortionist.   He is an enabler of the holocaust that continues to take millions of the unborn.

What is especially oleaginous about Obama is that he and his hard core of supporters will prattle on about the so-called Social Gospel, especially as epitomized in Matthew 25:31-40

Peter Wehner at Contentions captured this nicely:

…the abortion issue may have the potential to be, for Barack Obama, the policy equivalent of his long-time association with Reverend Wright. I say this for two reasons. The first is that Obama’s record on abortion is as extreme as one can possibly be. Senator Obama is unable to point to a single abortion he would oppose (his “health exception” for the mother is a well-known loophole whose effect would be to allow even late-term abortions), to the point that he was not even willing to extend basic protection to a child born during a failed abortion and living outside the womb. For a person who said, during his conversation on Saturday with Rick Warren, that the greatest failure of America is not to take seriously the injunction in the Gospel of Matthew that “Whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me,” this is an extraordinary position.

Yes, this is an extraordinary position. Somehow, to Obama, it’s acceptable to kill and unborn infant. That doesn’t count.

Disgust is too kind a word for someone who excludes the unborn from his consideration as “the least of my brothers.” For a Christian case on the Social Gospel that includes the proper respect for all life, consider the late Joseph Cardinal Bernardin’s March 11, 1984 lecture at St. Louis University.

That’s the “seamless garment.” That’s living as Jesus would have us do: caring for the least of my brothers; not killing the youngest.


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  1. Wonderful article! Obama supported killing of INFANTS under certain circumstances, pure and simple! His positions are clear despite his objections toward anyone who asks a question regarding his positions. You can find ample examples of his position on the Illinois Legislature’s website.

    He now calls those who point to his position liars? Sorry, but Mr Obama himself is the liar. He has lied to The American People and that fact should be brought into the light of day so every American can see for himself. Monumental Presidential decisions are truly above your pay grade indeed Senator.

    Of course none of the Main stream media like CNN, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, Newsweek, or The New York Times are interested in making certain that the voter hear the truth. They are much more interested in profits than they are in the truth.

    I find it truly ironic that a PASTOR and NOT A REPORTER brought these facts to light. That is the main reason the main stream media has been suffering lately from reduced readership. The public has discovered that unvarnished versions of the real facts are available elsewhere, so they are leaving these news sources in droves.

    I commend Pastor Rick Warren and The Saddleback Church for firmly cementing The Church’s position as a relevant and historic venue in which to examine future presidential candidates.

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