Faithful Catholic?

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are Roman Catholics. Both a firmly in the pro-abortion corner, though they’ll call it “a woman’s right to choose.” Choose death, that is. Are they faithful Catholics?

As a lapsed Catholic but still Christian, my belief is that life begins at conception. And that the ending of that life is murder. This is, also to my best knowledge, still a core belief of the Catholic Church. Some reinforcement from Denver Archbishop Charles J. Chaput O.F.M. Cap., in the form of an extract from an interview by NRO’s Kathryn Jean Lopez:

Lopez: Is there an abortion litmus test for Catholics?

Archbishop Chaput: “Litmus test” is a media expression that’s front-loaded with the assumption of some priestly censor checking off behavioral-compliance boxes. That’s not how any sincere believer thinks about his or her faith. Faithful Catholics want to live their faith fully — and one of the principles of Catholic social teaching is that we can never deliberately kill innocent human life. Abortion always, deliberately kills an innocent unborn child. Nobody can honestly claim to be a faithful Catholic and then support a false “right” to abortion; it’s just an elegant way of evading the brutality of what abortion actually does.

Lopez: Is there any virtue to the Cuomo-esqe personally opposed, etc. formula we see over and over again with politicians, especially Democrats?

Archbishop Chaput: The problem isn’t unique to either political party, and no, there’s no virtue to the “personally opposed” argument at all. The word “virtue” comes from the Latin virtus meaning strength or courage. I don’t see much courage in maneuvering around the reality of abortion with sanitized labels like “pro-choice.”

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and any and all other Catholics may claim to be “faithful” and support abortion on demand. The claim does not make it so. They are unfaithful Catholics, and this is not something akin to eating meat on Fridays. This is about the sanctity of human life.

Look, Joe and Nancy and Ted (Kennedy) and all the other hypocrites out there: you can be in favor of abortion if you choose. You will be supporting the death of the least of our brothers and sisters, but in America you may do this. What you can’t do is square a circle: be a faithful Catholic while advocating the murder of innocents. That is not Catholic. It is something else.

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