Stones; glass houses; throwing

The unseemly business of Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter’s pregnancy has garnered both the expected, and unexpected responses.   The mainstream media just loves it, smelling hypocrisy and blood in the water all at the same time.

Why, Palin is a social conservative.  We thought they didn’t do things like have illegitimate children.   The good news is that Barack Obama has, wisely, distanced himself officially from any criticism of Palin and her family.  Wisely, because he’s got a bit of baggage himself, but, being generous here, perhaps because he is sincere.

As for the harpies on the Left, know this:  you are sinners.  I am a sinner.  We are all sinners.   Sarah Palin is a sinner; her daughter Bristol is a sinner.  The problem is that Bristol’s sin is now in the glaring spotlight of presidential poliltics.

Does forgiving Bristol’s sin make Sarah Palin, or any of us so-called social conservatives, hypocrites?  Only if we pretend that we’ve never sinned ourselves.  And, should we do that, I’d say we just upped the hypocrisy ante.

That we all sin is no surprise to believers.  What may surprise, nay, shock those on the Left is that Christians are quick to forgive all who renounce their sins and protect life.   In this case, the life of Bristol’s unborn child.  Which will be protected, and, when he or she comes to term, will be born into a complete and loving family.   In other words, Bristol will marry the child’s father.

That’s the end of the story as far as I’m concerned.   The good news is that the Good News requires us to protect life.   Precious few of us these days are willing to live by that creed.   Sarah Palin is one such, and deserves our blessings.


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