“Christian” idiots

On hearing a news snippet to the effect that some “Christians” were going to be honoring Iranian president Ahmadinejad, I thought, “No, that’s got to be wrong. No Christian would honor a man who would kill all of Jesus’ own people.”

Well, I was wrong. But right: No Christian would honor a man who would kill all of Jesus’s own people. Madman Ahmadinejad would, though complete the work of Hitler’s holocaust. Which he denies ever happened, of course. And the useful idiots in the West are striving to honor this creature. Some, who clearly hate the Jews, with a wicked grin on their faces.

Among those wickedly grinning are various weak-minded “liberal Christian” groups. Most notably including non-Christian Quakers and Episcopals who are social Christians but who somehow believe that honoring a madman will bring about a peaceful solution.

Via ChristianNewsWire:

In town to address the United Nations General Assembly, presumably to defend Iran’s developing nuclear program, Ahmadinejad will sit down with the Mennonite Central Committee, Quaker United Nations Office, Religions for Peace, the American Friends Service Committee, the Episcopal Church and the World Council of Churches-United Nations Liaison Office who are hosting the event.

Jesus has, in fact, told us to pray for our enemies. Pray for them, that they will abandon their evil ways. Not to honor them; not to fete them as an honored guest.

It is not too strong to label A-had an emissary of Satan. Only the Adversary could consistently utter the hatred he has for God’s chosen people. Some of the hatred he spewed in front of an adoring United Nations audience yesterday may be found here.

We know what the U.N. is. But know we also know what the so-called “peace churches” are as well: Jew-hating enablers. Way to go, useful idiots of the Islamic revolution.


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  1. i am atheist and proud of it.

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