We are all Jews

A little Spengler, if you please. He reminds us that we are all Jews. No, not that we go to synagogue or keep Kosher. Just that there are only two kinds of people: Jews, and those who live in societies that have responded to Jewish claims of being the people chosen by God.

From Spengler:

Reasonably, or not, we want to live forever. The first people to believe that God promised that it would endure forever became the standard against which all nations must measure their condition. From Ireland to Afghanistan, the identities of all tribes and nations became a response to Israel: Christianity offers a New Israel, Islam a competitor to Israel, neo-paganism a Satanic parody of Israel. The trouble is that Jewish national identity is not one national identity among many national identities. There is only Jewish identity, and a set of responses to Jewish identity. Jewish national identity has a radically different character than all other national identities, for the Jews uniquely believe that their nation was summoned into being to serve the sole creator God of the Universe.

The balance of this thought-provoking piece deals with the un-Christian nature of European (and other) nationalisms. Which, Spengler claims, are the basis for European anti-Semitism.

No one likes a nag, even a nag whose mere existence is a constant reminder that we exist not for nation, not for self, but for the greater glory of God. Those of us born Gentile must convert, or die. Those of us who do convert, by claiming Jesus as Lord, may live forever. Those who don’t will perish.

That is the underlying message: we are all Jews, whether by birth, or by belief. By Jewish here, of course, I mean Christian, or Jew. Christ will sort us all out at the end, with those who remain Jews first before his throne.

The bottom line? If we choose to deny being Jews by the flesh or by baptism, we will surely die.


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