“best for their family”

Obama is trying out his wings as a new member of the black community in the District of Columbia. As reported, the Obamas graced an “historically black church” about three miles from the White House.

The WaPo article makes clear at least one thing: any time a president attends a public gathering, the public is massively inconvenienced. This has nothing to do with Obama, but with the nature of the times we live in. At least Nineteenth Street Baptist is a Christian church, unlike Trinity United “Church” of Christ in Chicago, where Obama spent 20 years. And, more importantly, subjected his daughters to.

One hopes that Obama’s children can unlearn lessons about how Bill Clinton “did” Monica Lewinsky and how whites have caused the AIDS epidemic for the specific reason of killing all blacks. But, as is the case for the liberal media, there is only this about where the Obamas intend to go to church:

…the Obamas have not decided where they will regularly worship, adding, “They will choose a church home at a time that is best for their family.”

Well, just as Obama wisely, if hypocritically, decided to send the little darlin’s to tony Sidwell Friends instead of the wretched D.C. public schools, he will choose a church that benefits him politically.

The First Church of Satan would do, if his polling showed it would be to his benefit. Nineteenth Street Baptist will do, just fine, since it is politically, and, aparently, theologically (female pastors; very un-Baptist) liberal. It’s also a black church, but, hey, Obama is black, isn’t he?

Depends who you ask; I can already hear cries of “Oreo” flung at him when he doesn’t go along with everything that unelected black “leaders” insist on.


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