Hating God

Kyle-Anne Shiver over at The American Thinker has a must-read article on “Hating the Jews.” The world’s oldest group hatred, it has several possible explanations. None of which stand up to objective scrutiny.

There is one ostensible reason that has the ring of truth to it. And it’s this: those who hate Jews do so because they hate God. From Ms Shiver:

My [Christian] faith tells me simply that there is only one reasonable assumption on the matter of Jew hate.

It stems from God-hate. And I must admit that if I were Jewish, and I didn’t even believe in God, then I would hate being Jewish more than anything I could possibly imagine. Because as long as there is God, there will be Jew hatred. And the only cure is loving God, which inspires loving every other human exactly the way one loves oneself.

I’m not the first to say that. Jesus, the Jew, said it first.

Hating Jews is, in essence, hating the very idea of God and his commandments. Many of us, far too many, seem to be embarrassed by the entire notion of a “chosen people.” It offends our modern sensibility, especially the “I’m ok, you’re ok” mentality of highly flexible standards. We can’t abide the notion of hard, inflexible truth that is not subject to the whims of current fashion. This, too, has contributed to hatred of the Jews.

As with many things, the Bible summarizes it rather well: Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep (Psalm 121:4).


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