Michael Novak should be read by any who need a quick refresher course in our Christian faith. Not talking dogma or liturgy here; talking basics. Here’s a bracing piece from him on the false doctrine of “inclusiveness.” Which, in my experience, usually means ignoring persistent and unrepentant sin. Even re-defining that which is sinful as being worthy.

From his article, this useful summary from Scripture as to how God will treat sin:

“Christianity is about EX-clusion.” On the last day the Judge shall divide the world into sheep and goats, you over on the left, you over on the right. A few of you will be chosen to enter with me into Paradise. The rest will descend, as you have chosen, into everlasting punishment. I have come not to bring peace, but the sword. He who is not with me is against me. God sent His light into the darkness, and the darkness received it not. The gate is narrow, and the way is strait. Only a tiny remnant will be saved. There was much weeping, and tears, and gnashing of teeth.

Mr Novak also deals rather scathingly with environmental Cassandras, and, more importantly, with abortion. He reminds us that new human life in the womb is unique. There has never been a person in the past with the same DNA; there never will be a natural-born person in the future with the same DNA. That person is made in the image of God, as are you and I.

True Christianity would find a way to save unborn children. To claim that “inclusiveness” requires us to tolerate killing the unborn is to either lie or be in total ignorance of the fact that Christ died to bring life, not death; light, not darkness. Certainly not the darkness of killing our most precious creation, our children.


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