Imageo Deo

Michael Gerson summarizes, with elegant clarity, what is at stake in the stem cell debate. Atheists and part-time Christians on the left loudly proclaim that politics has been taken out of science. Of course, what’s been done is to insert their brand of politics into science. Which is just fine and dandy, according to them.

What is a “part-time Christian?” Simply put, one who ignores essential Christian beliefs when it suits their politics. The case in point is Obama’s nominee for health and human services, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. Who proclaims that she is a Catholic. A Catholic who picks and chooses which parts of Church doctrine she agrees with.

No one needs to be a Catholic. One may leave the Church; they won’t torture you to stay. One may not, with any integrity, however, claim that one is a “good Catholic” while treating some human lives as being less worthy than others. Which is exactly as is it with rabidly pro-abortion politicians such as Sibelius and the execrable Speaker of the House.

We all knew that Obama was anti-life, and never met an abortion he didn’t like. He may lie about it in public, but his record shows he is in favor even of killing viable babies in late-term abortions. And make no mistake: “stem cell” research that entails the creation, and destruction, of human life in embryo form.

Killing is such an ugly word, isn’t it? So, brothers and sisters, is killing a human being, a child made in imageo Deo, the image of God, a pretty thing? Only if you have rather large moral blinders.


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  1. Well and truly said. But you are being too kind to your “part-time Christians.” Christ said if you are not with me you are against me. Part-time Christians try to have it both ways. What is really sad is to see these “Christians” adopt the secular view of humanity. Christianity views humanity as a family with all that implies. The secularists view humanity as a factory or farm to be managed and tinkered with for maximum results.

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