I don’t pay much attention to the various beauty contests, but the mini-brouhaha over Carrie Prejean, Miss California, provides a rare glimpse of a celebrity who has some backbone. Carrie Prejean, in simple terms, is a Christian. And, as a Christian, she believes that marriage is only valid between a man and a woman. One of each. No more. No less.

When asked by a gay panel member about gay “marriage,” she answered true. And thus was denied the crown as Miss USA. My understanding of the culture of these contests may be limited, but I’m pretty sure that the expected response to such questions is either agreement with the prevailing winds, or meaningless blather (“can’t we all just be nice?”).

All of us should have the spine of Carrie Prejean, but especially so if we claim to be Christian. Some things are eternal, and right and wrong don’t change with changing fashions.

The pattern for human marriage was set by God in the Garden of Eden, with rather specific guidance given later in both Old and New Testaments. One may deny that the Bible has anything to say about the matter, but you really can’t do that and, at the same time, claim to be Christian.

I’m not writing of literal interpretation of Scripture; I’m hardly a Young Earth creationist. But whether one takes the Bible literally, or allegorically, it requires some pretty slick lawyering to ignore the black-letter prohibitions against homosexual acts.

The state may endorse gay “marriage.” This should mean nothing to the Christian. States come, states go. God and his word are eternal.


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  1. not only christian, my religion also doesnt allow gay marriage..
    what ever religion we believe in, we just have to stand up for what we trust and not easily go with the trend

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