John 6:44

I tend to over-think things. Those things include citations from Scripture, which I (usually) insist need to be carefully weighed in context, to avoid accepting things that are logically not possible.

Yes, yes, with God all things are possible. But, contra to many atheists, God is never illogical; it is we humans who are. And true Christianity has always been a religion of faith and reason. Not either or.

That said, there remain certain passages in Scripture that seem to me definitional. Passages that seem to provide a clear marker on what our theology ought to be. Such a passage is John 6:44:

No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him up on the last day.

When I first read this, I’d been catechized to believe that all men have free will, and this included whether to accept Christ, or reject him. I later learned this was called Arminianism, and, at first blush, I had no problem with it. Then I revisited John 6:44, read the Westminster Confession of Faith, studied my Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible, and came back again to John 6:44.

All of which is a long-winded way of saying: John 6:44 means exactly what it says. No more. No less. We are predestined to salvation, or damnation. And there’s nothing we can do about this, except live as though we were saved. Live through Christ, in other words.

God does not make mistakes, but God doesn’t always share. Except He shared His revelation in Scripture, and we need to take Him at His word.


One comment

  1. Is this supposed to be a proof-text for double predestination? I guess you are kidding…

    John 6:44 means exactly what it says.

    John 6:44 says that no one can possibly come to the kingdom of God unless he is righteous, that is, drawn by godly motives. Finding the topic of double predestination here requires a good deal of imagination 🙂

    -a helmet

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