God’s sovereignty

John Calvin

John Calvin

Today marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of Jean Cauvin, who we know as John Calvin.

Calvinism is kind of a dirty word these days, at least amongst so-called mainline Protestant denominations. They just hate the notion that mankind is not in charge, that God chooses, ultimately, who amongst us will be saved, and who will not.

But then today’s Episcopalians or United Church of Christ are not who I’d ask about salvation. Contra what such modern churches seem to believe, John Calvin is perhaps best known for the absolute sovereignty of God. God is all, God is everywhere, and our theology ought to be about him, and not us.

Throughout the world, all who confess a Reformed faith should acknowledge the debt we owe to Calvin.


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  1. With all due respect, I sincerely beg to differ with your assessment of John Calvin. Either this man, Dr. Anders, is right or you are. I tend to agree with Dr. Anders. There’s no middle ground about it, and “essentials” really do matter. You might read his article and ask some honest questions…for honest answers ARE out there. God bless.


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