“It’s part of the Gospel”

Have you been saved by the grace of God? Do you believe that all are saved? What do you think happens to those who are not saved? Hard questions; anyone who has facile answers probably doesn’t really know or is spinning an agenda.

I was surprised by an article in today’s WaPo that actually dealt with damnation and hell. Hell as a literal place; damnation by God of the wicked. Not something you might hear much about in mainline Protestant churches, these days. Something we all should hear about on this side of the curtain.

One may believe, or not, in a literal place of fire and brimstone. A place described in The Revelation of St John rather literally. And, according to Kurt Selles, director of the Global Center at Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham,

Jesus never soft-pedaled the concept of hell, Selles said. “It’s not metaphorical in Jesus’s mind; it’s a real place…It’s part of the Gospel””

I don’t know how Selles could know what was in Jesus’s mind. What we do know is that is what is recorded in the Gospels.

As for the entire notion of eternal damnation, whether it is a literal place or no, isn’t it interesting that not a few people believe in heaven but not hell? This is a kind of cognitive dissonance: the good afterlife exists; the bad does not.

Until we get postcards from heaven and hell, or until we go to one or the other ourselves, there’s no way of knowing if they are real or merely the opinion of those who wrote the Bible. But I know for a certainty that if there is a God who judges, as the Bible instructs us, then there is certain to be a bad result for those who deny Him.


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