I’m gonna sue

It is said that we are a litigious society. Much too quick on that legal trigger. I just happened across what may be a first: a man has sued Bible publishers for, well, publishing Bibles. The story at WND is from last year, but this moke is claiming many years of “emotional distress.” Seems this poor soul is discomfited by Scripture that portrays him as a sinner.

Several words for this come to mind; none suitable for display in a post suitable for family reading. This misguided soul, enabled by shyster lawyers on contingency, no doubt, claims that the Bible publishers, in going with “newer” translations, have made him feel just awful about his homosexuality.

This man is whining about 1 Corinthians 6:9-11; apparently hasn’t discovered Leviticus 18:22; and he (apparently) completely ignores the entire sense of Genesis 1 and its pairing of one man and one woman to go forth and multiply.

The real point? It isn’t any particular translation. All translations are clear in the Bible’s condemnation of homosexual acts, and have been at least since the first English translations in the mid-16th Century. Not homosexuals, mind you, but homosexual behavior. This is black-letter Bible law, not subject to interpretation. It takes some pretty fancy lawyering to turn it on its face.

Now, in this day and age, here in America we’ve got the right to ignore the Bible. No one is required to believe that the Bible is God’s word; we are free to take it or leave it. What we are not free to do is to twist its clear meaning to suit our own purposes.

Look, I’m a sinner. So are you. And me, I just hate those passages of the Bible that tell me I am a sinner. At times I wish they hadn’t been written. But I’m a believer, and I don’t have that luxury. I certainly can not, in logic, sue those who have translated Scripture from the ancient Hebrew and Greek and ascribe political motives.

Not when they all mean the same thing: homosexual acts are prohibited in Scripture. You want to perform such acts? Go ahead, just don’t go around suing people because you’re ashamed and can’t change your ways to conform to the Bible’s picture of morality.


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