“a threat to Christian values”

A group of Muslims gathered at the Capitol, and, yes, the dome is still standing. The group’s ostensible purpose was prayer. But, as reported at the WaPo:

…some conservative Christians have called the event a threat to Christian values. In a statement, the Rev. Canon Julian Dobbs, leader of the Convocation of Anglicans in North America’s Church and Islam Project, warned that the service is “part of a well-defined strategy to Islamize American society and replace the Bible with the Koran, the cross with the Islamic crescent and the church bells with the Athan [the Muslim call to prayer].”

Christian evangelist Lou Engle said the Friday event “is much more than a nice little Muslim gathering. It’s an invocation of spiritual powers of an ideology” that “doesn’t have the same set of values that our nation has had.”

Rev. Dobbs may be (mostly) right, but I would say that he’s a little overwrought in his laying down this marker. Yes, it is the “well-defined strategy” to Islamize America, along with the rest of the umma. And, yes, if the jihadis had their way, the Bible and cross will be trashed and replaced with their ungodly symbols.

Are Muslims trying to do what Rev. Dobbs accuses them of doing? Yes, but not so they can be called out on it. Theirs is one of bits and pieces, not a full-scale assault. A little bit of sharia applied here and there. A separate Muslim day of prayer, local demands for accommodation for Muslims, where none are made for Christians. The list is long, and all connected to the basic command of Allah that all of us become Muslim or be killed.

Is Rev. Dobbs “intolerant” or “racist?” No, but, wait for it, Rev. Dobbs will be accused of all sorts of heinous crimes. For having the temerity of speaking truth to the ugly power of those whose god requires that they sacrifice themselves for Allah. Not our God, who sacrificed himself for us.


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