Pat says the darnedest things

Pat Robertson does say the darnedest things, and he’s not at all like those cute Art Linkletter tots.

But, regardless of how we view Robertson, there is something cursed about Haiti. Just compare the Dominican Republic, with an estimated per capita GDP $8,200 in 2008. Haiti, on the west side of their shared island of Hispaniola, has an estimated per capita GDP $1,300 in 2008.

Could this stark difference be the result of Spanish versus French overlords? Possibly, but both were greedy imperial masters; both lost huge empires in the New World to the Anglo Saxons. Could it be that God has cursed Haiti and blessed the Dominican Republic? I suppose that is also possible.

But, speaking as a Baptist, we are taught that this world, in its entirety, is the province of Satan. Haiti’s poverty and the Dominican Republic’s prosperity do not necessarily mean that one is cursed and the other blessed by God. As a Reformed Baptist, I also believe that mankind is a sinful lot, prone to deviltry — with, or without, an actual personage we call “Satan.”

Finally, while I do believe that we, each of us, will be judged at the end, that judgment is made by God. Not by me, or thee, or Pat Robertson. In the here and now, our duty as Christians is to love, help, and pray for the people of Haiti.

And, as they say, let the record show that Robertson’s ministry is, actually, doing all three of these things. Even if daft Uncle Pat says the darnedest things.


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