Thanking God for this?

The Beast has a story about the churchification of the Super Bowl. Well, whatever it takes to bring in the faithful, one supposes. But it’s the opening paragraph that caught my attention:

The people of New Orleans have a lot to thank God for. After a devastating flood, their city is rising again. Mardi Gras season has begun, with no less than 20 parades this weekend. And the beloved New Orleans Saints have finally, after 40-plus years, made it to the Super Bowl with a chance to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Having lived in New Orleans, I can attest that Mardi Gras is not God-friendly. Sort of the opposite, in fact. It is idolatry, the worship of Dionysos and Eros. The parades are fun, I’ll give them that. But there’s lots of things that are fun that God would rather we not do.

As for God blessing New Orleans through the success of the professional football team, that’s laughable. Pitiable, actually, that any one truly believes that God has an interest in pro football. An interest in the players, of course: they are His children, after all. But a particular team?

That’s the flip side of some idiot preacher claiming that God punished New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina. And just as ignorant of God’s sovereignty and might. Could God cause a particular team to win? Of course it’s possible. But why would He do so, when New Orleans, like Indianapolis, like the entire world, is the province of Satan?

I’m fairly certain that God will watch over the righteous, and punish the wicked. In His time; not ours. But not through the result of a mere game. Even if it is our modern version of bread and circuses.


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