Cultural live wires

Confession: I pretty much agree with Rick Santorum on social issues. Except contraception, and in this I suspect I’m aligned with a pretty large majority of my fellow Christians. Even, I suspect, with my former co-coreligionist Roman Catholics. As a Catholic, it used to be “wink, wink, nudge, nudge: have you read humanae vitae? Interesting; wonder how it applies to us regular Catholics?

My agreement with Rick Santorum, however, does not mean we should nominate or elect anyone who preaches at us. We’ve already got one of those in Obama, who preaches to us, incessantly, about how we must be “fair.” By which he means increase taxes on the “rich” and let the “poor” be wards of the state.

If I thought Rick Santorum could win the general election, I’d be for him. He’s a man who has never wavered in his social conservatism. He’s a man who will never back down from defending his positions. Both excellent traits. Both of which will likely convince independents and moderates that he’s not their man.

Mona Charen at NRO summarizes it nicely:

If the fall campaign is all about what Rick Santorum said about gay adoptions, or a dozen other cultural live wires, it will not be about the Republican party’s most important and compelling issues: the ballooning national debt, the gross expansion of the federal government into every realm of life, economic growth, the flaccid foreign policy of the Obama administration, and the vain pursuit of “green” energy at the expense of abundant domestic oil and gas.

Again, I wish people would get past what Rick has said and likely will continue to say. Unfortunately, the opposition will paint him as a theocrat, one who would attempt to enact his vision of morality into law. I’m not sure they’d be entirely wrong.


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