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Romans 13, verses 1-7, is particularly vexing for a believer who values liberty. On its face, it tells the Christian to submit to governing authorities. Fair enough; in a free nation this is both logical and right. What about under a tyrant, or, in worst cases, evil tyrannies such as the Soviet Union or Nazi […]

Jimmy Carter’s Bible

Jimmy Carter is one of my least favorite people. His incessant bleatings against Israel amount to anti-Semitism. What else to call a double standard where Jews must be perfect and Muslims excused for heinous behavior? As president, he was an abject failure, second only to the incumbent in his cluelessness. So, John Luke, you don’t […]


Growing up in New York City, it was the usual practice for people to refer to themselves as “Irish,” “Jewish,” or “Italian.” Not “Irish-American,” but simply “Irish.” The same for all other ethnic groups in the so-called melting pot that was New York in the middle of the last century. We also lived in segregated […]

Jesus, the Grinch?

There are many people who are not Christian, and not a few nominal Christians who like to imagine that we are all good, we all will get to heaven. Regardless of beliefs, or, for some, regardless of what we do. I happen to be a Reformed Protestant (think 5 solas), one of those dread Calvinists, […]

The One

In his sermon this week, John Piper has an exquisitely simple explanation for how Christianity is the logical result of Judaism. He captures this in a single sentence: It’s through Jesus that God’s promise to Abraham is fulfilled. Too simple? Piper provides context, with inexorable logic: God promised Abraham that through his offspring all the […]


“Judge not, that ye be not judged.” This is attributed to Jesus in St Matthew’s Gospel (7:1). And, boy, is this particular quotation from Scripture over-used. The usual application? Don’t tell anyone that what you consider to be immoral or otherwise bad behavior is wrong. This passage is often used to, in essence, excuse behavior […]

Fluffy Bunny Christianity

You know who you are, so ‘fess up.  It’s what I call “Fluffy Bunny Christianity”, a pale version of the faith, one that focuses on the love and kindness of Jesus and may glory in His resurrection, but will have as little to do as is humanly possible with His Passion.  So, it figures that the fluffy […]


John’s second epistle is way back in the Bible, and I wonder how many people give it short shrift because it, itself, is so short. Shortest in the Bible. But what 2 John lacks in length, it more than makes up for in its fierce defense of basic Christianity. Brothers and sisters, there is only […]

Easiest; hardest

Ann Coulter may not be a sophisticated theologian. She is also known to treat writing as a literary version of cage fighting: no holds barred. Her column today provides a rousing defense of our common faith. Her column is in response to the frothing at the mouth moaning of so-called liberals in response to Brit […]

God’s sovereignty

Today marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of Jean Cauvin, who we know as John Calvin. Calvinism is kind of a dirty word these days, at least amongst so-called mainline Protestant denominations. They just hate the notion that mankind is not in charge, that God chooses, ultimately, who amongst us will be saved, and […]