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It is done

One of the more difficult things a Catholic needs to do is to let go of the Crucifix. That is, the cross with the slain Jesus. Protestants seem to prefer an unadorned, empty cross, pointing as it does to the glory that is Easter, when the risen Lord demonstrates that He did not die in […]

Jesus, the Grinch?

There are many people who are not Christian, and not a few nominal Christians who like to imagine that we are all good, we all will get to heaven. Regardless of beliefs, or, for some, regardless of what we do. I happen to be a Reformed Protestant (think 5 solas), one of those dread Calvinists, […]

The narrow gate

Today’s Bible verse is Matthew 7:13-14: Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few. These […]

John the Calvinist

There are many verses in the Bible that make at least one fact clear: God chooses whom He shall save. Not me, not thee. Our free will? We exercise it, yes, but our mightiest efforts can not change that which God has ordained. A very strong example, from John the Evangelist, my namesake, verse 6:44: […]

God’s sovereignty

Today marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of Jean Cauvin, who we know as John Calvin. Calvinism is kind of a dirty word these days, at least amongst so-called mainline Protestant denominations. They just hate the notion that mankind is not in charge, that God chooses, ultimately, who amongst us will be saved, and […]

Works for me

Although I attend a Baptist church, I’m probably a Calvinist. I’ve got a Puritan heart. Not that I’m pure, mind ye. Just that I take my Reformation neat, none of that proto-Catholic stuff of the Anglicans who call themselves Protestants. How do I know I’m a son of the Reformation, a Puritan, albeit not a […]

John 6:44

I tend to over-think things. Those things include citations from Scripture, which I (usually) insist need to be carefully weighed in context, to avoid accepting things that are logically not possible. Yes, yes, with God all things are possible. But, contra to many atheists, God is never illogical; it is we humans who are. And […]

God is logical; God is beyond logic

One definition of insanity might be when we simultaneously hold two mutually incompatible ideas to be true. This is at the heart of being a Spirit-led Calvinist. But there is a rather large question: If God is sovereign, and controls all, how can He hold us to account for our actions? Alternate statement: if God […]

A little Calvinism, if you please

In his recent essay, How the Lord of Life Gives Life, John Piper gives us an answer to the basic question: since we are all dead in our sin, how is it that some are called to be in the light of God’s Son, and some are not? This gets to the heart of the […]

“fully multicultural”

This is more than a little disturbing. We are told of a Christian who may not be welcome as a teacher at Calvin College because she does not, according the this Washington Post article, “attend a congregation with ties to the Christian Reformed Church.” Fair enough. Calvin College’s name has to count for something, one […]