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The cafeteria is closed

The term “cafeteria Catholics” refers to those Catholics who pick and choose among the dogmas, dictates, and traditions (and, often, “Traditions” with a capital “T”) of the Church. That is, if one or more items of what the Church believes is required of its faithful is disagreeable, then the picky Catholics simply ignore them. Or […]

It is done

One of the more difficult things a Catholic needs to do is to let go of the Crucifix. That is, the cross with the slain Jesus. Protestants seem to prefer an unadorned, empty cross, pointing as it does to the glory that is Easter, when the risen Lord demonstrates that He did not die in […]

Cultural live wires

Confession: I pretty much agree with Rick Santorum on social issues. Except contraception, and in this I suspect I’m aligned with a pretty large majority of my fellow Christians. Even, I suspect, with my former co-coreligionist Roman Catholics. As a Catholic, it used to be “wink, wink, nudge, nudge: have you read humanae vitae? Interesting; […]

Can’t we all just get along?

Not if you have to abandon your faith to do so. It’s been a common complaint that supposedly Catholic universities are not nearly as Catholic as once they were. A that political correctness now reigns, in the form of “I’m OK, you’re OK” religious “tolerance” that goes so far as to ignore the Christian faith’s […]

all have sinned

Calvinist Protestants, including yours truly, believe that mankind is a fallen species. Genesis 3 tells us how quickly we descended from paradise to hell on earth. Now I don’t believe this as a literal rendering, in the same way I know that I live in Virginia and that today is Saturday, April 3. But the […]


The Latin, or Tridentine Mass was standard in the Roman Catholic Church for centuries, and grew out of the use of Latin in Rome as the vernacular. Before very long after the conversion of Emperor Constantine in 312, it had become more or less standardized in much of Western Europe. The Mass was changed by […]

Still a Protestant nation

Notre Dame’s invitation to the militantly pro-abortion Barack Obama has more than a few Catholics up in arms. For the simple reason that Notre Dame, as an explicitly Roman Catholic university, should not honor those who dishonor a basic Church teaching on the sanctity of human life. Notre Dame isn’t a public university, or a […]

How about sending a Catholic to the Vatican?

What are the qualifications to be the U.S. ambassador to the Vatican? Well, firstly, it helps to be Catholic. It really would not do to send a Protestant, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, or atheist. Would it? Now, here’s a trick question: what is the difference between a cradle Catholic who rejects Church teachings and an atheist? […]

News for some

I’m not one for literal interpretation of Scripture. I don’t for a nanosecond believe that the universe and all its wonders, including dear old homo sapiens sapiens, were created in six 24-hour days as we understand hours and days. I’ve also got not a few problems with a literal interpretation of many miraculous events described […]

Faithful Catholic?

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are Roman Catholics. Both a firmly in the pro-abortion corner, though they’ll call it “a woman’s right to choose.” Choose death, that is. Are they faithful Catholics? As a lapsed Catholic but still Christian, my belief is that life begins at conception. And that the ending of that life is […]