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The cafeteria is closed

The term “cafeteria Catholics” refers to those Catholics who pick and choose among the dogmas, dictates, and traditions (and, often, “Traditions” with a capital “T”) of the Church. That is, if one or more items of what the Church believes is required of its faithful is disagreeable, then the picky Catholics simply ignore them. Or […]

Do not be conformed to this world (Romans 12:2)

Saint Paul tells us, in plain words, to strive for our reward in Christ Jesus. Not, repeat not, in the snares and temptations of this world. However much fun those might be. The struggle between the temporal and the eternal has been with us always. Our individual struggle, we who live in this world, is […]

Separate and apart?

I’m not that familiar with Orthodox Christian practices, but I can smell the musty stink of tradition having little to do with God’s plan for salvation. Watching a documentary on the former Yugoslavia, I was struck by the iconostasis that separates the priest from the congregation. The church shown in the documentary was Greek Orthodox, […]

Acts 5:29

Professor Paula Fredriksen’s  review of The Aryan Jesus in Tablet should hit rather close to home for any whose church (or synagogue, for that matter) displays symbols of the secular power.  The comparison between an American flag in a church today, and the swastika of Nazi Germany, is invidious.   But there is a point […]

The false gospel of Tony Campolo

Last night I attended a banquet of the Baptist World Alliance, to which our church belongs and contributes. Up until last night, although the BWA is reliably left-of-center, these banquets had as their themes salvation through Christ, and Christ alone, and baptizing all the nations. Oh, and while we’re about that, do some good. Which […]

Go, and sin no more

John 8:1-11 provides one of the greatest lessons in Scripture on forgiveness of sin. We all sin; none of us are truly worthy of God. Hence, Jesus and his atoning death on the cross. It has become an article of faith among many self-proclaimed Christians that Jesus will forgive any sin, any iniquity. And, of […]

“best for their family”

Obama is trying out his wings as a new member of the black community in the District of Columbia. As reported, the Obamas graced an “historically black church” about three miles from the White House. The WaPo article makes clear at least one thing: any time a president attends a public gathering, the public is […]

Breaking point

From the June 2008 issue of Touchstone, a review of a book on the Assyrian Church and its split from Rome sheds some light of the why of the split: In the sixth century, more than one catholicos of the Church of the East attempted without success to reach theological agreement and restore communion with […]

Not Biblical; not Christian

Jesus is not black. This is obvious to all who acknowledge Scripture as the highest authority; it’s also obvious to all who are properly Christian who may consider the Magesterium of the Roman Catholic Church as the highest authority. Jesus, God incarnate in human history, was a Jew of the line of David. What color […]

Just a tidy reminder…

…about the non-inclusive nature of Barack Obama’s long-time home church in Chicago. From the Trinity United Church of Christ website, this “about” paragraph: We are an African people, and remain “true to our native land,” the mother continent, the cradle of civilization. God has superintended our pilgrimage through the days of slavery, the days of […]